Blindman’s Autocross/Gymkhana (Friday)

Blindman’s Autocross/Gymkhana

Held on Friday on the spacious tarmac of the Ocean City Municipal Airport, the 2018 ECH Autocross will be more like a gymkhana- a low speed event that will not put any stress on your 356.  Tom Tate and his Merry Band of men have expressly designed this event for folks who don’t like to compete but love to play with their Tubs. It’s going to be fun and maybe a bit chaotic. How else can you describe an autocross where the driver is blindfolded and the car’s direction is completely decided by a fast-talking navigator?!?

Who do you trust to “tell you where to go”?

Entrants will be able to walk the course before the timed runs begin. Cars will be lined up, each with a blindfolded driver and a fearless navigator on board. Helmets are not required. The entire course will be driven in low gear, which should give the navigator plenty of time to vector the driver and avoid contact with cones, each of which carry a two second penalty if hit. The car with the lowest time will be the win- ner. There will be a single class for all cars. Any and all modifications are permitted, and, in fact are encouraged. We’d love to see what you’ve done to your car, but more importantly, we can’t wait to see how well you listen to your well-chosen navigator! (And by the way: if you want to take home a trophy, practice is encouraged before the day of the event.)

Practice is encouraged!

The course will be set up on the Ocean City Airport runway, which is just over a mile from our host hotel The Flanders.  The city is closing the airport exclusively for our use, and this will also be the site where we stage for the Boardwalk Promenade and for the Saturday morning Concours.


Questions?  Contact AX Chairs Tom Tate at and Jeff Leeds at

Tom Tate