Bicycling on the Boardwalk

If you like to bicycle, OCNJ is the perfect location. Bicycling downtown and on the Boardwalk is an annual pastime almost as old as the city is itself.  Sight-seeing and biking around the island are great ways to unwind and get in a little exercise. The City is bicycle friendly: downtown shops encourage biking with bike lanes and racks, the Boardwalk has blocked times for bicycles and surreys, and Haven Avenue, the old railroad right of way, is now largely a bicycle path.  If you can’t bring your own bike, we hope to have a rental shop open for the first three days of the Holiday.  When registration opens, please check the “Bicycle Yes!”  Box.  If there’s adequate interest, we’ll get the shop to open.  If not, we’re walking. 🙂

For an island map of bike routes, click here OCNJ Bike Routes

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Left to right:  Josh Gutjahr, Hannah Gutjahr, Bob Gutjahr, Anthony Nuon
Photo by Ellen Beck