Concours and Car Show (Saturday)

“On the Boardwalk”


Dave Miller’s Typ 64 Re-Creation

11/6/18 – Results to be posted soon!  Ron and Linda Gordon would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make the Concours and Car Show a huge success, including John Pohl of Ocean City, (a Registry member who joined for the express purpose of helping us) helping Ron lay out the classes on the Boardwalk, and Sandy Evans, another Jersey native, who helped make People’s Choice balloting happen.  A sincere thank you to the judges, who piloted the very successful “Werkes Style” judging (by merit and presentation) at the ECH for the first time.  Thank you!!

Tobey Ross
John Paterek
Lewis Hauser
Mark Schultz
Gordon Smith
Pete Bartelli
Rainer Cooney
Jeff McFayden
Bryan Powers
Daryle Higginbotham
Bruce Bade
Jerry Manna
Gerry Curts
Bill Tate
Ed Hyman

The 2018 356 East Coast Holiday Concours d’Elegance and Car Show on Saturday will be absolutely unique, with cars staged on the Boardwalk from 6th Street to 14th Street for public viewing.   Bring your camera, because the sight of over 200 356’s aligned in a row on the Boardwalk with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop will be a photo opportunity to savor for years to come.  Registry Member Ron Gordon, who has been Chief Judge of the Werks Reunion Monterey and Chair of PCA Parade Concours, will be in charge and promises to bring home a great event.  For this event, we’ve listened to the opinions of past Holiday participants and will have both People’s Choice balloting and Judged classes.  All members’ cars will be included in the People’s Choice balloting, and additionally members can opt to participate in the judged categories.  Tentative classes for both judged and people’s choice cars will be largely the same:

Class 1:   1948-1955 Pre A’s
Class 2:   1956-1959 A’s
Class 3:   1960-1963 B’s
Class 4:   1964-1966 C’s
Class 5:   All limited production and performance vehicles, to include Carreras, 904’s, America Roadsters, etc.
Class 6:   Outlaws

Ron Gordon and his team of judges will be transitioning from a traditional Concours where every nut and bolt is checked for cleanliness and authenticity to a subjective style of judging more aligned to what you would experience at a premier Concours such as Amelia Island. Presentation of the vehicle is important but so is the history, provenance and usage of the entrant’s Porsche. This Holiday celebrates both the Porsche 356 model series as well as the camaraderie of being an enthusiast. The judges won’t be using a points system, but instead, a subjective evaluation of the presentation of the car as well as interacting with the owner. When the judging team has completed judging a class they will convene to rank the cars in the class.  From experience at the Werks Reunion this style of judging has enhanced the engagement for entrants and reduced the competitive atmosphere that typifies a point systems Concours.  For those who do not wish to have their cars judged, you will be eligible for People’s Choice balloting in your model specific class.  Keeping it simple, there will be no score sheets returned or protest committees. In keeping with the spirit of Holidays past, this will remain a casual gathering of Porsche 356 enthusiasts focused on having fun rather than solely competition.

Because this show will be on the Boardwalk, the 356 Registry will enjoy the attendance and admiration of the general public.  The Ocean City Chamber of Commerce will be advertising our Concours in print and on line, to encourage folks to enjoy our cars “on the boardwalk”.  To get the word out on the 356 Registry Brand and to appeal to onlookers and would-be enthusiasts (and future members) in attendance, we will have both a “mobile Goodie Store” and a Membership table set out in front of the Music Pier on 8th Street.  The City has assured us that the portion of the Boardwalk assigned to the show will be blocked off from bicyclists, and only accessible to foot traffic.   We expect a very nice crowd of locals and Porsche enthusiasts to take in our cars.  (Several PCA Regions in the Middle Atlantic States will be conducting day tours to OCNJ on Concours Day for the purpose of viewing our event).