Porsche 356 Registry

RegistrylogoThe mission of Porsche 356 Registry is the perpetuation of the vintage (1948-1965) 356 series Porsche through Porsche 356 Registry magazine, internet and events for the exchange of ideas, experiences and information, enabling all to share the 356 experiences of one another. 356 Registry, Inc. is a factory sanctioned, non-profit, educational corporation, chartered under the statutes of the State of Ohio.

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About the 356 Registry



42 years and going strong!

Porsche 356 Registry is a non-profit international group of owners and enthusiasts which, since 1974, has fostered the preservation and perpetuation of the Porsche 356 series automobile. Porsche 356 Registry, along with dozens of affiliated local and regional groups in the US and around the world, encourages education, research, preservation and foremost, enjoyment of the first series of Porsche automobiles.

Strength in Numbers

Membership in Porsche 356 Registry provides the 356 enthusiast with access to a network of some 7,000 members who can offer assistance and encouragement along with regular social and driving events to enhance the ownership experience.

The Best Investment in Your Car

The annual membership fee includes a subscription to our 76-page bi-monthly color magazine, Porsche 356 Registry, with interesting articles on 356 history, maintenance, personalities, collectibles, current activities and more. Advertisers in Porsche 356 Registry magazine provide a wide spectrum of parts, services and products specifically related to the 356 Porsche. It is the single largest source of suppliers available to the enthusiast.

Old Cars, New Media

Our web site and on-line forum give 356 fans a place to learn about the cars, ask questions and get answers, access technical data, and buy and sell cars and parts. Our “For Sale / Wanted” categories represent the largest and most active marketplace for 356 cars and parts in the world.