John Paterek, Paterek Brothers, Inc.

John Paterek, Paterek Brothers, Inc.

Paterek Brothers, Incorporated began in 1977 as the combination of John and Ray Paterek.  Their first car restored together was Rays 1933 Chevrolet Master Sedan back in 1969 which Rays still owns to this day.  Before 1977 the brothers worked at Gasaway’s Auto Restoration where John was involved in paint and metal fabrication and Ray upholstery and assembly, here they restored Dussenburgs, Packards, and Auburns to 100 point concours level.  The Porsche bug bit John in 1970 where he bought a 1966 Irish Green 912.  John and Ray went on to restore the 912 to concours level showmanship.  Over the past 40 years both Ray and John have owned many Porsches and other vintage sports cars.  Some of their past Porsche’s are 1951 Maroon Pre-A Coupe, 1952 Stylish Grey America Roadster, 1955 Blue Continental coupe, 1962 White Cabriolet, 1970’s 914’s, 1980’s 944 and 924.  The Shop has restored many cars that went on to win awards at Louis Vuitton, Greenwich Concours, Pebble Beach, Meadow Brook, Radnor Hunt, Amelia Island, National, Zone, and Regional Parades, The 356 East Coast Holiday.

Andrew, John’s son started working part time in the mid 90’s, after finishing up college at School of Visual Arts in NYC he came on full time in 2007 and has restored a 1963 Flat Black Chevrolet Belair and is under way on a 1959 Speedwell Blue Bug-eye Sprite.  The three of them encourage clients and friends to preserve original paint and interior as much as possible. The Bothers and son have between them over 114 years of on going experience and all welding/fabrication, painting, interior, and mechanical is done in house.

Paterek Brothers, John and Ray