9/28/18 – What if I need to cancel at the last minute?

We hope that everyone is able to attend and enjoy the events.  If you must cancel at the last minute, the refund policy stated on the ClubRegistration website is copied below.  Holiday organizers must make commitments early for various activities, the hotel, advance orders and so on, and this is a standard refund policy for Registry Holidays.  We apologize for any inconvenience!









9/19/18 – Where should I park when I arrive in Ocean City?

Parking for entrants staying at the Flanders Hotel will be in the lot adjacent to the Flanders (see photo).  Registration is at the Flanders, and if you are staying at another hotel, you can walk over to register or you can drive and park anywhere on the street (no parking fees).

If you are trailering your 356, please note – there is NO trailer parking in the Flanders lot or on 11th Street in front of the Flanders Hotel.  11th Street dead ends at the Boardwalk and there is no turn around.  Please  see the map for a visual of the Hotel and also of the Trailer Parking area at the old Chevy Dealership.

The city owns the parking lots at the old dealership and are reserving the north end for our exclusive use.  The Google Map photos you see here are not representative of the current parking availability.  There will not be other vehicles in the trailer lot besides us.





9/12/18 – I am arriving on Friday, when can I register?

Registration will be open from 7:30-9:00 am for those going to the Autocross. I will also be available in Registration from 12-1pm so that folks can get their name badges and check in before the tech sessions. And Registration will be open once again before the Promenade on the Boardwalk, from 3:00-4:00pm.  You will need your name badges and/or car numbers to participate in these events.  Registration is in the “Map Room” which is in the lobby area of the Flanders Hotel, right near the hotel registration desk.

9/10/18 – Is it true that Emily’s Restaurant at the Flanders is haunted?

Yes, check out the story at this link!  She is said to be friendly; maybe we will meet her during our stay.

9/9/18 – Arriving Monday or Tuesday?  Can I stay at the Flanders?  

Yes, call them, there are suites available!  Friday and Saturday are fully booked, but there is availability earlier in the week if you are arriving early

8/27/18 – Do I have to be “registered” to participate in Holiday activities?   And, if so, can I  just pay for the event I want to run?    

Any 356 Registry Member can register and participate in the East Coast Holiday.  We do not have an “a la carte” menu for paying for individual events.  The cost of registration covers all of the events, goodie bag, hospitality, etc., which is a pretty good deal.   If you’re not registered, you can spectate, but you cannot  participate.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.   If you show up on the day of the event, we’ll quickly process your registration (payment by check or cash only) and get you on the Boardwalk or whatever it is you want to do.

8/21/18 – What are the trailer parking arrangements?

Yes, we have a dedicated large parking lot (former car dealership) with plenty of room for unloading and parking.  The city is barricading off the entire north end of the lot for our use.  It is a few blocks from the Flanders, and you will be able to park your Porsche at the Flanders parking lot.  There is plentiful on street parking (free) for your tow vehicle on streets surrounding the Flanders or other event hotels, or you can keep it in the trailer parking lot.  The local police are aware and will be keeping an eye on the lots we are using.  🙂

7/20/18 – What is the entertainment for the Beach-themed Welcome Party?

Check out the Tidal Wave Band – they will be playing for us at the Flanders, with a set list of “Car Songs” and other summer fun hits from the Beach Boys and more.  Here is a sample set list from their website – www.tidalwaveband.com/song-list.html

The Welcome Party will have a variety of food stations where you can sample tasty selections, sit and eat with friends, enjoy the hosted bar, and tap your feet (or dance up a storm) to the music.  We think you will enjoy!

5/21/18 – Is there any other entertainment planned for Concours Day?

Why yes, our own Curt Dansby will be at the Music Pier with his own 356 to do a very neat Tech Session – 356 Hands On Breakdown, Diagnosis and Quick Repairs.  This session has been requested by the membership and thanks to Curt, we will get to see some common problems and fixes!

5/14/18 – What’s new to do on Concours Day?

The Concours and Car Show will stretch along the Boardwalk in both directions from the Music Pier – an historic concert hall built out over the beach and ocean (see photos on the website headers).  We have two exciting presentations happening – Dave Miller will have his fabulous Typ 64 Recreation on display on the boards in front of the Music Pier.  He will do a talk and Q&A session in the morning about his amazing project (read about it in the March/April 2018 issue of the 356 Registry magazine).  Lee Raskin will present a James Dean Book Talk and Q&A, based on his books, photos and research on all things James Dean in the afternoon, which should prove fascinating.  The Music Pier will be the place to be – check out these great presentations, take a break and meet friends at the Goodie Store and Membership booths too. There is indoor and outdoor seating, bathrooms and and it will serve as Concours central for judging and questions.

4/28/18 – Are there any schedule changes I should know about?

Yes, check out the schedule tab – one exciting addition is the Thursday afternoon Classic Porsche Valuation Seminar hosted by our generous sponsor Hagerty Classic Cars Insurance.  This seminar will discuss trends in 356 values – where we’ve been and where they may be going.  It promises to be a fascinating discussion.

4/28/18 – Will spectators be welcome for the Blindman’s Autocross?

Luckily, we have been able to get a new area for the Autocross that we think will be great for everyone.  The 5th Street parking lot at the north end of the boardwalk will be convenient to get to for participants and offer a perfect view from the slightly elevated boardwalk rail – it should be great entertainment!  To date, we have 40 cars (that’s right) already signed up!

3/2/18 – Can I see who else is attending the Holiday, now that registration is open and I have registered?

Yes, if you log in to your Club Reg account, your “Dashboard” will appear.  Look to the right of your ECH listing and you will find a button for “Roster”.  Clicking that will show the main roster of attendees, and not only that, open the dropdown menu and you can see the roster for each of the events, such as Blindman’s Autocross or the Simeone Museum Tour.

2/26/18 – What is the dress for the evening banquets?

The Thursday Welcome Party is casual (“beach theme”) and the Saturday night banquet is not black tie or even semi-formal.  You will see many men in sports coats and collared shirts (some with ties, some not).  Ladies wear nice slacks and tops and/or blazers, skirts or dresses, or “dressy casual”.  People often wear clothing with Porsche and 356 Registry logos throughout the weekend.

2/24/18 – Can members attend without their 356’s?

Absolutely!  Many members fly in if the driving distance or time away is too much for their schedules.  Sometimes, member’s cars are in restoration or otherwise unable to be driven to a Holiday.  Everyone is welcome, and those with rental cars or otherwise without 356’s can still participate in many activities, such as the Tours, and also volunteer to assist with events like the Concours and Car Show on the Boardwalk or the Blindman’s Autocross.

2/17/18 – What is the designated secure parking lot for 356’s?

The large walled parking lot for the Flanders Hotel will have security overnight.  People who stay there have parking included with their room, and we have basically taken over the hotel, so almost all the cars parked there will be associated with the Holiday.  Others attending the Holiday can park there for $10 per day (with a dashboard pass).  Folks who stay at other hotels will have parking lots at those hotels, but they will not be “secured” by us.  Trailer parking will be at a city owned lot located near the golf course and airport.  The Ocean City Chamber and Police Department are working closely with us and we expect a solid police presence during our stay.


2/7/18 – Is Ocean City pet friendly?

Yes, in the off-season dogs are allowed on the beach but must be leashed and you must pick up after your dog.  Dogs are not allowed on the Boardwalk at any time (including during the Concours/Car Show).  The Accommodations page lists several lodging options that are dog friendly, however dogs are not allowed inside our host hotel The Flanders Hotel.  Some local businesses and restaurants are pet friendly, including the Animal House Pet Store on Asbury Ave., which welcomes dogs.  Please be sure to check the rules when you are making any reservations.

2/5/18 – What are my lodging choices now that the Flanders Hotel is almost fully booked?

The Flanders does have some larger suites available (3-5 bedrooms) for folks who might want to stay as a group, but the 1-bedroom suites are booked.  Please visit the accommodations tab and look under alternate lodging.  We have 4 highly recommended properties with contact information, and also a link to the Ocean City website which lists many other options, including Bed and Breakfast Inns, hotels and motels.  Some folks have booked condo units through HomeAway and Airbnb at very attractive off season prices.  The important factor to consider is proximity to The Flanders Hotel where most of our activities will take place.  There are many, many options within walking distance.

1/14/17 – Do I have to be a member of the 356 Registry to attend the Holiday?

The public is welcome on Saturday, October 20, 2018 to view the Concours on the Boardwalk, in fact several PCA regions are planning day tours to Ocean City to check it out.  The 356’s will also “drive the boards” on Friday night as part of an Ocean City tour.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy the spectacle of all those 356’s along the ocean boardwalk!  (All the driving events are Porsche 356 model specific.)

However, anyone may join the 356 Registry, even if you do not own a 356, or a Porsche at all.  The Registry is open to all enthusiasts.  Members can register for the Holiday and participate in all the social functions, tours, banquets, hospitality, goodie store, etc.  So, yes you do need to be a member to attend the Holiday, but if you aren’t already, that is an easy fix.  Join here and enjoy!

1/6/18 – What high speed events will take place at the 2018 ECH?

None… since our autocross/gymkhana will be a low-speed, blindfolded folly!  🙂  BUT, if you are looking for cold weather high speed follies, check out this link from the website Silodome – it makes ice racing Porsches seem tame!  www.facebook.come/Silodrome/videos/1613779898690615/

1/6/18 – Is our event on the 2018 calendar of events for Ocean City, NJ?

Absolutely!  Check out the full calendar of events to see what OCNJ has to offer, and you can find us on “page 7” – here is the link www.oceancityvacation.com/news-events/calendar-events/page-7.html. The Ocean City Chamber of Commerce and the town are very excited to host our event and are rolling out the welcome mat.

12/5/17 – I’ve heard Ocean City is a “dry town”, is that true?

The Hospitality room at The Flanders Hotel, and all of our banquets will include “adult beverages”, including wine, beer and mixed drinks.  While Ocean City is a “dry town”, which means that you cannot buy alcoholic drinks in restaurants or stores, drinks can be served at private functions, such as ours at The Flanders.  We plan to offer open bar hospitality at both the Welcome Party and the Saturday Banquet.  All of the suites at the Flanders have full refrigerators, and you may bring your own drinks for personal consumption, or buy them at liquor stores conveniently located on the mainland near the access bridges to Ocean City.

12/4/17 – When can I book my room at The Flanders Hotel?  

Our room reservations are open now!  Please browse the accommodations page and the Flanders web links for descriptions and photos.  Please call to reserve your suite, and mention Porsche 356 East Coast Holiday for the discount.  All suites are 20% off seasonal rates.  The 1 bedroom suites with living room and kitchenettes are $159.00 per night plus tax.  We are allowing early room booking (prior to registration opening on March 1, 2018) to ensure that our Holiday attendees have the opportunity to book early and are able to get accommodations at the Flanders!